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How Shopping Malls Should Be Upgraded

Are shopping malls dead?

They do have a lot of unnecessary space that could be repurposed for the future.

    1. Apartments and condos

    Is there a housing shortage in America.

    The majority of malls should be turned into house and communities where people can live, work and shop.

    2. Storage - warehouses

    Malls have a lot of empty space that could be used as fulfillment centers for products and services.

    3. Hotels or Airbnb's

    Malls are generally located in central locations. People can travel to malls and stop for the night. They could have a pool. Lots of rooms. Cleaning etc. Rent out the space for people to stay for a short time or a long time.

    4. Grocery stores

    Every mall should have more than just a good court. They should have a grocery store where people from the community can come and get their products.

    5. Fitness - Gym, cycling

    Malls should be a place where people go to get more exercise. Every mall should have a gym. There is plenty of space, parking etc. for people to go to class.

    6. Manufacturing

    Along with storage, malls could become the next manufacturing powerhouses. Malls could be retrofit to become manufacturing centers for all kinds of goods and services.

    7. Shared Office Space

    Malls are perfect for office space. The individual worker is becoming more and more valuable. It is easier than ever to be your own. You could easily go to a mall location for your office or business. Internet, coffee shop etc.

    8. Restaurants

    Malls should go back to the days when they were entertainment centers.

    9. Technology server space

    Malls already require a lot of energy to keep them going. Use that grid to power server farms.

    10. Government space

    Malls could be a space for local governments to use and collaborate with various regions.

    11. Homeless shelters

    Give people without a home a nice place to live.

    12. Universities - Career Training Centers

    More malls should be places where students can come to learn and get skills that apply to the real world.

    13. Solar panel farms

    Malls are massive. Use the roof and parking lot space for solar panels that could power the rest of the city.

    14. Event Space

    Weddings, Receptions, Birthdays, Funerals

    15. Casinos

    Gambling should be legal in more states. Malls are a way to control where they are located and get more tax revenue.

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