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How students can benefit from learning a trade?

As opposed to going to college.

    1. Start earning money at age 18 instead of 4+ years later.

    Many trades, such as electricians, provide paid apprenticeships right out of the gate. You'll get at least four more earning years than your college-bound peers.

    2. No student debt!

    No need to feel enslaved to a job you hate for decades while hanging on to the faint hope of the government canceling your debt.

    3. Spend more time on your feet rather than at a desk.

    Sitting is one of the worst things we can do to our bodies. When you're in HVAC, construction, or some other trade, you're on your feet most of the time and therefore you're less likely to be hunched over in pain as you age.

    4. On balance, trades pay more than the average college degree.

    Some trades pay exceptionally well. After a number of years, making six figures is not out of the question.

    5. Your work can't be outsourced or offshored.

    Until robots can lay tile or install a solar panel, your job is secure.

    6. Learning a trade can serve as an on-ramp to starting a business.

    Once you're good at your trade, let's say plumbing, you can easily jump into starting your own plumbing business.

    7. Workmanship pride.

    There's nothing quite like pointing to a building that you helped build and saying, "I helped build that." How many office workers can say they're proud of something they built?

    8. Less B.S.

    Ask yourself this question: Where would one experience more B.S. from managers and coworkers, on a construction site or in a cubicle surrounded by hundreds of other cubicles and an army of HR personnel?

    9. There's always work.

    Recessions can be tricky for tradesfolks, but inevitably there is someone building something somewhere that could use your services.

    10. People who work in trades are happier.

    According to this survey, 83% of people in trades are happy:

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