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How Tana is changing so much for me

    1. Everything in life is connected

    These were some of the first words I read in Fis Fraga's newsletter. Philosophically, this is what I believe and connection has been at the heart of much of what I've explored over the past decade or so. I just hadn't tied it in with digital gardening or second brains.

    2. All areas of your life are connected.

    In another newsletter edition Fis talks about connection again.

    3. Making the connections.

    I've been a huge second brain fan for over two years - since I started using Obsidian. But I'd never seen it as anything more than a repository for notes, ideas, writing. But, if I think of it as a tool to grow the connections between seemingly disparate concepts, Tana or Obsidian or any other app, becomes a mechanism for joining together all the random elements.

    4. Making sense.

    One of the challenges for me with my digital garden was trying to make sense out of it all. But now I'm thinking I don't need it to make sense. I just have to throw in all the data, add supertags and let things fall where they will.

    5. A missing link.

    It's as if I've found a missing link. Something that was staring me in the face all along.

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