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How To Add Humor To Your Website Copy

(This is an expanded version of my Twitter thread)

People pay me to add humor to their website copy.

Here are some tips you can use to punch up yours!

(opportunities are everywhere on your website)

How To Add Humor To Your Website Copy

    1. Add a spoof testimonial

    This could be from a fictional competitor, from your mom, or whatever you think of. Your former boss?

    2. Add a funny placeholder e-mail in your newsletter sign-up form

    Here's the one I use for now:

    3. Rephrase the usual boring stuff

    Contact Us -> Talk to us, we're great listeners!

    Thanks for subscribing -> This will change your life in a very mild way

    Find us on social media -> Let us be part of your doom-scrolling

    4. Add an unexpected question to your FAQ!

    Q: Is it true that your deep-fried ferret burgers are organic?

    A: I'm afraid you're on the wrong website.

    5. Use the good old rule of three

    "We provide [this service], [that service], and [silly thing you totally didn't expect]."

    6. Have some fun with your 'About' page

    There's a human behind it. Show it.

    7. Use self-deprecation

    8. Add a funny line at the bottom of the site

    9. Make specific references that your reader will understand

    10. Use humor to simplify things

    Especially if you have a complicated product or service.

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