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How to attract Value to your business and personal brand?

Are you looking towards attracting more value to your business or personal brand?

The secret to attract value is by giving it away. It takes value to attract more value such as:

–  quality connections & network with people

–  better relationships and

– even more money.

    1. Attract value via your Network

    Your network is your net worth!

    People respect, value, and reward you when you radiate your highest self. High value people attract high value people.

    Building relationships online and expanding your network is more about being genuine and have real conversations.

    2. Speak at events

    Letting people hear you speak on topics related to your field of work will help attract value towards you.

    I have zero experience speaking in public. But its one way to be recognized as a thought leader and become an authority on your industry.

    3. Use social media:

    In today's world, Social media can serve as catalysts and its the natural way you ideal clients communicate.

    So you take advantage of these platforms and give value to build trust, especially if you're selling high ticket products/services, you want to make sure you're providing massive amount of value

    Think NotePD, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, IG and Facebook - they can help you get your name and face out there.

    The goal is to provide VALUE EVERY DAY about a topic relevant to your audience.

    Focus on one Platform starting out and nurture your audience with content that serves them and adds value.

    By doing this consistently you will naturally attract your ’ideal’ clients.⁣

    4. Writing on a Book/Blogging/Course

    For example having a blog that covers topics related to what you do professionally will attract attention and value from others in your field.

    Gary Keller mentioned in the One-Thing, how his real estate company had a problem of not being acknowledged by the very top people in his industry.

    After brainstorming many ideas, first 100, then 10 ways to turn the situation around with his team, they came up with just one big idea - write a book which has impacted millions of people in the industry/worldwide and has made millions in sales today amongst others.

    5. Get involved in the community:

    By helping out at local charities or events, you show that you care about more than just yourself and your work

    6. You attract wealth by creating value for a specific audience

    "We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.

    It takes time . . . but we don’t get paid for time, we get paid for value…. “

    All you have to do to earn more money in the same amount of time is simply become more valuable.” Jim Rohn

    The ONLY thing that can stop you from earning more is your own mindset.

    Make yourself valuable, then give value freely. Money will naturally flow into your pocket.

    7. You don't need permission

    You don't need permission to add value.

    Breakaway from the mindset of “what will they think of me? to "what impact do I want to create?"

    Think of all the potential clients you are losing just by not putting your name out their.

    8. Get a Coach

    You can't do it alone.

    Surround yourself with winners way ahead of you.

    A Coach can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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