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How to be an incredible dinner party guest

How to be an incredible dinner party guest

    1. RSVP ahead of time

    And then actually show up.

    2. Be fashionably late

    The host may need a little bit of extra time to prepare

    3. Have a list of unique questions to ask guests

    - What are you passionate about outside of work?

    - What is your origin story?

    - What was your childhood like?

    - What do still want to accomplish professionally?

    - Where do you want to travel to next?

    4. Bring a gift

    A bottle of wine. ETC.

    I'm not really the best gift giver so do some research on the host.

    5. Live an interesting life

    - I write NotePD lists each day

    - I'm a technology project manager

    - I'm gay

    - I travel a lot

    - I go to music concerts a lot

    - I know a ton about finance and am launching a Podcast

    - But I am also an introvert and there are a lot of things that I want to accomplish, but have not yet

    6. Bring games

    In a bag or in your car.

    Small card games: Pit, Set, or Karma.

    Board games: 10 days in Africa or Shifting Stones

    7. Music

    I have a party playlist on Spotify that I can whip out if needed

    8. Party trick if you have one

    Playing the piano, singing, magic.

    Captivate the audience.

    9. Talk to the stranger or people that are standing alone

    Don't be afraid to make the first move

    10. Plan a great dinner party

    The best dinner party guests are those that are also great hosts

    11. Food to alcohol ratio

    Bring a food item

    If there will be alcohol, then definitely have food available.

    You do not want people getting sloppy drunk at the party

    12. Leave at the appropriate time

    You do not want your host to feel like they are kicking you out.

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