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How To Be Calm And Confident?

Calmness is a virtue that adds to confidence. It doesn’t matter what we go through, what matters is how we respond to it.Calmness is a virtue that adds to confidence. It doesn’t matter what we go through, what matters is how we respond to it.

While some people are naturally calm (quiet or reserved); it would surprise you to note how easily they could still lose their cool during heightened emotions.

To be calm and confident is to learn how to control your mind.

Life is a lot like the ocean and the mind is like water. If you focus, stay cool & maintain a calm demeanor, you can be okay.

If you panic & lose your nerve you will probably drown yourself.

“The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength." - Marcus Aurelius

    1. Have a strong purpose

    We all know that fear is one of the greatest enemies we have. You need to find your purpose and get clear about the next steps in your life.

    2. Play the long game

    Think through decisions.

    Would this even matter in 5 years time?

    Building a business takes time. Building a relationship takes time. Healing your body takes time.  Everyone wants a quick fix because the long way seems too hard.

    Rushing through decisions would keep you in nervousness and fear.

    Train yourself to stay calm when everyone else is losing their minds.

    3. Take responsibility for your actions

    Take responsibility for where you are right now in life and examine the exact choices you’ve made that got you there.

    If you're dishonest and trying to play double live - don't be surprised why you're not confident most times.

    Transparency means to be yourself 100% and show up in this way!

    4. Listen to understand

    Calm people know how to listen. Listening is an opportunity to collect data from your environment. If you talk too much, you miss this opportunity and learn nothing.

    5. Be optimistic

    It’s hard to see a confident and pessimistic person. What keeps you calm and confident is being optimistic no matter the chaos. The secret never take any pain or difficult situation as your identity.

    6. Embrace change

    People that lose their minds and get disappointed the most are people that constantly resist change. But the truth is that time will pass regardless and NOT changing is harder! Recognize that change is constant and work towards doing better with change.

    7. Believe in yourself

    Some people will only start believing in you when your dreams become a reality. It’s your responsibility to believe in yourself before they become true.

    Go after it while being calm, cool and confident. This goes for relationships with others and most importantly you.

    8. Live in a state of gratitude

    People who are always thinking of what they don’t have rather than being grateful for the little they have are the most anxious.

    9. Stop overthinking, take action

    Overthinking leads to nervousness. Focus on solutions. Play to your strengths. Set goals . Take action.

    10. Seek help

    If you’re lost despite all your efforts, you need help. Seek help from the right people to assist you in your journey and get you the transformation you seek!

    A coach can see your struggles, plateaus and most importantly help you get real results. Which affords you:

    - Mental freedom

    - Time Freedom

    Take the jump. And invest in a coach.

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