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How to become a subject matter expert

Perception is often reality.

Becoming a subject matter expert is an important part of your 'career'. You want to have enough knowledge to people view you as the source of information when it comes to the topic you focus on most.

Being a subject matter expert will give you more opportunities. You can request more money because you provide more value.

    1. Become obsessed

    Obsession leads you wanting to know more about your subject. The more knowledge you have the more you can communicate. The more tools you have in your toolbox.

    2. Write articles


    They do not have to be the best stories and you do not have to be the best writer. But writing about a specific topic will show the world that you have knowledge, that you can communicate effectively and you are able to articulate your talent into written words.

    This increases you value.

    3. Get certified

    Find a university, government, online website. Some place that you can show you are certified in that subject and can add a credential to your resume. People cannot take that away.

    This separates you from the masses. Most people are not going to get certified, so you will have a leg up on those people.

    4. Join a professional group

    Find your tribe.

    Chat with people about the topic that you are obsessed with. Compete with them. Help them. Trade ideas.

    Connecting with like minded people will make you better in your field.

    5. Practice

    Practice as much as possible.

    Do your subject matter all the time or as much as possible.

    People will not understand. They will try to distract. Tell people that you are on a mission to do your passion and you do not have time for other things.

    6. Read about the history and the key people of the subject

    Every topic has a history.

    Study the history. Study the people of your field. Study how to make your subject profitable. Study what went wrong.

    There are so many lessons to learn in history. Try to read and understand as much as possible.

    7. Find or form your tribe

    Start a tribe.

    The perfect groups is not out there. Many times you have to create and then craft and mold the people that will become your tribe.

    It may be rough at first, but then you will find those people that light you up and make you better.

    8. Teach it

    Teach your subject to a child or an adult that does not care about your subject.

    There are a lot of lessons to being a great teacher. Be entertaining, engaging, clear, informative. And then test your students to see if what you taught translated to them.

    9. Challenge yourself

    Every subject has many different angles.

    If you are a project manager there are many different types of projects. Challenge yourself. Do a different project.

    Take a different angle on your subject.

    Challenge yourself to learn something you did not know before.

    10. Report on your progress

    Summarize the progress that you have made in your work to become a subject matter expert. Document that work.

    Then share your progress with your tribe. Your community. The rest of the world.

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