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How to Bet on yourself?

Most successes in life don’t happen overnight.

Contrary to popular opinion the safe bet is not about making the most comfortable decisions. Because comfort and security no matter how much you get compensated, can cost you your vision, time and freedom.

If you’re going to bet on anybody - the safest bet is always to BET ON YOURSELF!

It may not pay off right away....... and that's why most people quit.

The key is not to be the one to prevent you’re your own opportunity. The hardwork and sacrifice are eventually going to pay off.

You are placing a bet on your future.

    1. Work on your mindset

    Living the life you desire, begins with change within yourself⁣

    Betting on yourself starts with working on yourself i.e. mindset and personal growth.

    This is a constant and never ending process and when given priority makes the process effortless

    - Success happens when you grow yourself, not outgrow others.

    2. Believe in yourself

    Not everyone would believe in your dreams and that’s okay. People may underrate you at times or see you below your potential.

    Believe in yourself even when no one would. Don’t let limiting beliefs and doubts get over you..

    “Many people who have succeeded in various big things had a deep faith in themselves. Trust that whatever you put your mind to do would succeed”- Matt L.

    3. Choose discipline over motivation

    When making crucial life choices we’re all going to be faced between doing stuff only when we feel motivated vs doing it regardless. It takes betting on yourself to choose discipline over motivation.

    Discipline would help you do the hard but effective things.

    Your success or failure in life or at work isn’t about other people. It’s your procrastination. excuses and indiscipline.

    4. Never quit

    Things may not always go smoothly, but if you keep moving forward, eventually you will reach your destination.

    Quitting is not an option when you bet on yourself.

    It doesn’t matter how long it takes – betting on yourself helps you develop this conviction that you’ll find a way no matter how difficult the journey seems.

    5. Invest in yourself

    It takes investing in yourself to pour the right time, energy and resources on yourself.

    For example working with the right coaches and mentors to show you the way and accelerate your growth.

    Betting on yourself is not about making the right decisions independently but learning from others.

    6. Take Risks

    Taking risks is at the bedrock of betting on yourself. And Risk is better than regret. So take that first step.

    The biggest risk is not getting started. If you want something you’ve never had, then you must do something you’ve never done. .

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with 1 step. STOP placing obstacles in the journey and just get MOVING.

    Just thinking about what you want won't make it happen. You need to take concrete steps towards your goal in order for it to become a reality.

    Sometimes you gotta go all in and bet on yourself if you really want to change your life for the better.

    7. Think positive

    It's all about believing in yourself and your capacity to succeed if you want to develop a positive mindset.

    Make a list of your positive qualities.

    This will help you to see what you have to offer and give you the confidence to bet on yourself.

    It's critical to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones in order to keep oneself motivated to keep trying no matter what obstacles arise.

    8. Follow your heart

    - Stay true to yourself by staying on your path regardless of peoples approval or disapproval.

    Sometimes you may need to make those tough decisions that may not make any sense to the average person.

    • Times you may need to quit your job.
    • Build your own business or start a new career.
    • Select a life partner etc.

    In those moments – betting on yourself would help you take those tough decisions without looking back.

    9. Maximize your time and energy

    Not everything is worth your attention and energy. Only by giving ourselves precious time to reflect can we grow and nurture ourselves into becoming the better people we strive to be.

    As you learn to be at peace within yourself, you definitely start choosing where you spend your time and energy ….

    So, make a list that contains your goal, your level of dedication to the goal, and the steps you're willing to take to attain it.

    10. Enjoy the process

    Be gentle and patient with yourself, everyday.

    It’ll be more difficult to succeed if the route to obtain something becomes too tiresome.

    Learning what you're capable of may be thrilling and fun, so make your goals enjoyable in order to keep moving forward without losing perspective


    I'll end with a true story from my coach friend Chad Osinga,

    "I was told that I had a learning disability when I was in elementary school.

    Teachers called me dumb… I didn’t read at all…

    I was not too fond of the thought of sitting down and reading.

    Many of the words were hard for me to read, and it took me what seemed forever to get through one page…

    So, I just avoided it..

    Fast forward to the present time, and I have done a 180… I love reading!

    Like, I love it so much; it is the first thing I do every morning! I can’t get enough of the knowledge and different perceptions the authors provide.

    My thirst for learning and have become a sponge for helpful knowledge..

    The point is - one, it is not how you start; it is how you finish.

    Secondly, the things that scare us often become our most substantial assets.

    I thought I was dumb I was petrified of reading and being exposed as lesser of a human.

    So, as I went on this journey of personal growth, I did exactly what many of my mentors over the years have told me to do.

    That is, do the hard shit first! So I picked up a book and committed to 3 pages every morning.

    That turned into 5…

    Now, I read a minimum of one chapter every morning…

    I am my sharpest when I wake up, so I throw myself into a state of learning off the break.

    Don’t count yourself out!

    Stay in the fight. Do the hard shit. Make those hard things your strongest Qualities

    And most of all, nothing else in this post rings true

    Please believe in one thing, and that is yourself!"

    Go Kill It

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