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How to choose the right Mouse! (Trackball and Trackpad included)

Mouse, mice, whatever you want to call it. It's one of the most important computer peripheral, and arguably the most important ones even more than the Keyboard. The reason is that there's a built-in virtual keyboard in Windows and Mac!
Also, a good mouse will 1. speed up your workflow, 2. help you avoid carpal tunnel, 3. it gives you cool light, 4. it helps you with the "I just caught a mouse" dad's jokes. :D
Also, this list helps @JamesAltucher elevate his chess puzzle rating, and some blitz chess rating!
I am going to split this list into 2 or 3 sections, One for mouse, trackball, and then trackpad!
Trivia: Do you know, the earliest pointing device is actually a trackball and was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin?
Also, apparently, IBM and Lenovo have a big red dot that lets you use a mouse, and I can tell you that it's weird to use.
How to choose the right Mouse! (Trackball and Trackpad included)

    1. (Mouse) Wired or Wireless

    So wired or wireless? Before deciding this, ask yourself, do you want a cluttered desk with a billion cables? Or do you constantly have random AAA or AA batteries lying around? Or do you not mind frantically looking for batteries or having to take out batteries from your smoke alarm to put them in your mouse when it ran out of batteries then you have your answer!
    I am a fan of wired mice, mainly because I am a gamer, and I don't want my gameplay to be disrupted. However, if you're just a regular human being that doesn't waste much in playing games, (like me, tbh, I play games for their plot!) then wireless is your go-to!

    2. (Mouse) The DPI (Dot Per Inch)

    DPI is a measurement for mouse sensitivity and it could range between 400 DPI to 20,000 DPI or more! The higher the DPI, the more sensitive your mouse is.
    Some of the mouses even give you the option to change the DPI on the fly, cause if you're a designer, you would want a higher DPI for Brushes and big movement strokes, and a lower DPI for finer control.
    (Adjusting the DPI is how I won @JamesAltucher some of his chess games!)

    3. (Mouse) Ergonomics and Size

    This is probably one of those characteristics of a mouse that is most important and often overlooked.
    Before we dive into that, do you know there are 3 different grips for when you use your mouse? (Now you're looking at your mouse right?)
    So here are the 3 common grips and what size of a mouse they should get: (also attached an image to show the two main grips.)
    1. Palm Grip: Large
    2. Claw Grip: Medium
    3. Fingertip Grip: Small
    However, which grip works best for you comes down to personal preference!

    4. (Mouse) Programmable Buttons

    I can't stress this enough, programmable buttons are very important and the best way to speed up your workflow. Imagine, you can program all your shortcuts onto your mouse or trackball, it would speed up your workflow so much, and you don't have to take your hand off your mouse!

    5. (Trackball) Wired or Wireless

    I can't stress this enough, the trackball is by far my favorite computer peripheral when it comes to browsing, editing, and even day-to-day usage! And for the trackball, you always go with wireless. Cause you're not doing competitive gaming on a trackball!

    6. (Trackball) Ergonomics and styles

    As you can see in the image, there are a couple of styles of trackballs out there. There are somewhere you use your thumb for the Ball, and there are some you use your index or middle fingers for the balls. I am a huge Ball fan, so I have used it all!
    Based on my experienced, fiddling the balls with your index and middle fingers are the most natural way of using the trackball, and "Left-clicking" with your thumb is also the most natural way!

    7. (Trackball) Programmable Buttons

    Again, look at the number of buttons on the trackball! You could program so many different buttons on there. Copy and paste? Oh, I will just click this one button! You want to delete a sentence, boom, another button! You want to middle-mouse click that b*tch, boom, another button!

    8. (Trackball) Ring scrolling, and extra function

    Also, did you look at the ring scroll wheels? That, I think is the best invention ever, no longer do you have to flick your middle finger so much, you can just "Spin the wheel"!
    And another function that I have seen on some trackball, is the wifi and extra Bluetooth function. So you could connect your trackball to multiple computers or multiple devices, and when you switch devices, you just flick a button, and you're on that device!

    9. And then, there's the trackpad

    So, the trackpad. A square little thing that would recognize different strokes of your fingers, and operate accordingly.
    If you like to finger things around, then this is for you. The trackpad is great if you really have limited amount of desk space that you could use, and you prefer to use your whole hand flicking stuff, and gesturing things, I guess they're not bad!

    10. So which should I choose?

    The best way to decide is, what do you do. Are you an audio/visual editor? Are you a programmer? Or are you a writer? Or are you a graphic designer?
    1. If you're an Audio/Visual editor, programmer, or writer, I would say give trackball a try. My favorite so far is Kensington Orbit Fusion Wireless, cause of the programmable buttons, and the size of the trackball
    2. If you're a graphic designer, after-effects user, or a person that would need absolute precision, then I would say go with a mouse.

    11. Brand Recommendations!

    Here are some brand recommendations
    1. Logitech
    2. Microsoft
    3. SteelSeries

    1. Kensington
    2. Logitech
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