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How to create and pay for an app

I would like to propose that our hiring process is broken, not necessarily that people do not want to work, which I hear over and over and over. I have many ideas for an app that I would like to create but I have neither an idea regarding who might be able to help with this endeavor nor how to pay for it. I would appreciate a conversation regarding this subject. Thank you.

    1. The App

    The app would be called "Get Paid to do __________ ". And then you fill in the blank with a skill you have. Like "write", or "programming", or whatever. And then you list what you are willing to do for $1-$100 an hour. For instance, if I am a writer, I might say, "I will write a 500 word article for $5". Or if I am a programmer, "I can fix any bug in your website for $50". Or whatever. It's like Fiverr but more specific and more targeted to people who need something done by someone with the specific skill set they describe.

    2. How it works

    3. Who uses it?

    People who want something done but don't have the money to pay someone (or don't want to). Maybe they are starting their own business and need some help getting off the ground. Or maybe their business is established but they need some help with things that can't be done by their employees or contractors. Or maybe they just want to save money and this is an easy way to find someone who can do something for cheap/free/whatever.

    4. Who would use it?

    4a: People who want something done but don't have the money to pay someone (or don't want to).
    For instance, let's say I'm starting a business and I need some graphics made for my website. A) I don't really know how much graphics cost B) I have no idea how much time it will take me or my employees to figure out how much time it will take us so we can budget it into our expenses C) I probably wouldn't even know where to start looking because there are so many designers out there D) If i did hire a designer, he/she might not give me good value for my money E) etc etc etc So instead of all of this hassle, I would just post on this app that I need some graphics made up for my website and would pay $X per hour if someone could make them within Y hours and Z specifications. 4b: People who want something done and also want quality work done within budget constraints
    Maybe you are starting your own business and need some programming done on your website but you don't know anything about programming so you want someone experienced at programming who can also manage within your budget constraints AND produce quality work that meets your specifications AND understands what makes your business unique among others in your industry get my point. There are too many variables when hiring outside help without knowing what each person's skillset is like or whether they understand your industry get my point again! 4c: People who simply have too many things going on in their lives and need some help getting off the ground
    Maybe you're launching a new product but also dealing with family issues AND having trouble at work AND dealing with relationship problems AND...again, too many things going on! You'd love if someone could come over once a week/month and clean up around the house, do laundry, go grocery shopping, cook dinner (or order delivery), manage bills (many of which come due every month), etc etc etc This is basically like having an assistant except cheaper because most assistants charge $50-100k+ per year plus benefits which adds up fast even if all they do is these types of tasks

    5. Who would benefit from using this service?

    Everyone! Except perhaps those making very high salaries since this service would allow them to save money while still getting quality work done at reasonable prices compared to other options available today.

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