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How to create live classes to monetize online

    1. Title

    The most important part is the title. It has to be a question that people are asking or some problem they are having. “How to make $100,000 in ten easy steps” is a bad title. Even if you know the ten steps, nobody wants to make 100k, they want to make 10k more than they are making now. So don’t ask questions like that.

    2. First slide

    The first slide should say something like, “In this class I will teach you how to…” and then fill in the blank with whatever it is you are going to teach. The first slide should also have a picture of yourself so people can tell who they are learning from and instill a little bit of comfort that you know what you are talking about.

    3. Overview

    Then do an overview slide for each lesson (I usually do about 10 lessons). For instance, the first lesson might be on “How to create your own product” and then I would write down, “Lesson

    4. How to create your own product” and list bullet points what we will learn there

    Don’t make it too long but give them a taste of what is coming up so they get excited about it and want to keep watching

    5. Lesson 1

    Then go through your bullet points for Lesson 1 and explain each one in detail. This is where you really get into things and start teaching them how to do what it is you promised in the first slide (and title). If there were ten bullet points for your lesson on creating a product then explain each one thoroughly with examples from your own experience or other people’s experiences or stories from history or whatever else helps them understand how this works in real life rather than just theory.

    6. FAQs/Comments Section

    At the end of every lesson put up an FAQ section where people can comment on questions they have had while watching that particular lesson or anything else they want comments on related to that particular lesson. This way people can interact with each other as well as with you during the course and help reinforce their learning by discussing among themselves afterward.

    7. Conclusion slides

    At the end of every course I put up slides summarizing all the lessons so people can refresh their minds before taking any tests at the end of the course (I usually have some sort of test at the end).

    8. Tests at end of course - use Quizizz for these!

    At least two tests during the course but probably more than that so people feel like they have mastered everything before moving on to another topic within your course. Make sure each test focuses on different things so people don't memorize answers from one test when taking another test later on in the class.. Use Quizizz for these because it has many features not available elsewhere such as being able to see instantly which questions everyone got wrong (so if someone gets stuck on Question #10 then skip directly over #10) and being able to auto-grade tests so students don't even have to submit them at all (and thus move faster through material). Also, Quizizz makes it easier for students who take multiple courses taught by different instructors because it lets students take all their classes simultaneously instead of having them wait between classes., And finally, Quizizz allows students who have already taken a class taught by me (or anyone else using Quizizz)to review those tests again without having me grade them again., , , Here's an example page using Quizizz for tests
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