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How to create live online classes that you can monetize

Tips about how to create and structure live online classes that people will pay for

    1. Don't call them "webinars"

    A webinar is someone talking on a screen while people watch. The best live online classes are more like seminars, where there is a Q&A and some interaction.

    2. Use Zoom or some other video service

    Don't use simple webinar technology.

    3. Have a real course structure

    Have an introduction, three main sections (each with sub-sections), some Q&A at the end.

    4. Have multiple formats for each section

    For instance, in the first section, "Why", you can have videos, podcasts of experts on the topic (you interview them), articles from experts, etc.

    5. Have multiple formats for each sub-section as well

    For instance, in the first sub-section of "Why", one format could be a podcast with an expert in that field and you interview them about their career path and why they got into that field. Another format could be articles by experts in that area about why they think it's important to get into this field. Yet another format could be a video of you doing something related to this field (so people can see if you are good at what you are teaching).

    6. Charge $100 - $500 per section but make it easy to buy all of them at once (with a discount)

    Some people will pay $500 for an entire course on how to become better at something. But most people will only pay $100 or so for each course but want to buy all of them for a discount price.

    7. At the end , have an exam! And make it worth something if people pass it!

    People like tests because they feel like they are getting value back from their money spent on the course. Make your last module a test and give certification that has value if passed. This way people can use their certification as part of their resume or LinkedIn profile or whatever else they want to do with it.

    8. Make sure there's no fluff! Every minute should be useful! Even the intro video should include useful information!

    Don't waste anyone's time with useless fluff because they will not come back if you do this even once. They will just unsubscribe forever and never return even if your later courses are amazing. So every single second needs to be useful information so people can see how quickly they can learn from your courses and start applying what they learned immediately after watching one course.,,,
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