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How to create your own reality distortion field like Steve Jobs

    1. Know what you want

    The first time I ever met Steve Jobs was in 1999. He invited me to his house (which he had just moved into) for lunch.
    I was nervous as hell. But I knew what I wanted. I wanted him to invest in my company, iVillage. So before I went, I did research on him and figured out what he liked: design, architecture, food, etc.
    When he opened the door of his brand new home, which was designed by famous architect Rob Thomas (who also designed the Facebook HQ), he said, “wow!” And then we immediately went to the kitchen where his personal chef made us a special meal that included some of his favorite foods.
    And then we had an hour long conversation about design and architecture and how it’s hard for a guy like me who grew up in Queens to appreciate these things but now that I have kids maybe I would learn more about it because it’s important for them to be well-rounded and have good taste.
    He invested in iVillage that day.

    2. Get really good at something people love but can't get enough of

    In order to make money off your skill or passion you have to figure out a way so that others can’t get enough of it or can’t do it themselves or don’t even know they want it done until they experience it through you..
    For instance, if you are a great writer people will read anything you write because they love great writing (and not everyone is a great writer). If you are a great programmer people will always need software so they will pay for yours (or steal yours if they can’t afford it). If you are a great chef people will wait hours for reservations at your restaurant because they love eating food prepared by someone who has mastered their craft. Etc etc etc..
    There are many ways to do this: with writing: books, articles, social media posts, tweets, blog posts (like this one), newsletters (like mine), copywriting (like when someone needs copy written quickly for something like an ad), copywriting for websites or landing pages when someone has an urgent need and needs something up ASAP; with programming: websites/apps/games/tools/etc; with investing: buying stocks is fine but having someone who knows their shit help guide you through the process is worth paying for; with artistry: there are many artists on Fiverr who will make logos or whatever for $5 but if you want quality work then pay more and get better results than from an amateur; with podcasts: there are many podcasts out there but if your podcast is truly unique then there might be no other podcast like yours so people will listen every week; with consulting: most consultants charge $600-$1000 per hour but if someone wants advice from someone who has actually been where they are right now then maybe its worth paying 10x that price to find answers sooner rather than later; with service industry jobs: restaurants often charge $20-30 per entree but if there is only one restaurant in town and everyone wants dinner then maybe its worth paying $50 per entree since its such an inconvenience not to eat there; etc etc etc...
    If you can figure out how to give people exactly what they want without them even knowing they want it until they experience your offering then you win at life! And making money! Which leads me too..

    3. Create multiple streams of income from each skill area that YOU ARE THE BEST AT IN THE WORLD AT THAT SKILL AREA AND PEOPLE LOVE IT AND CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT AND YOU CAN GET

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