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How to deal with confrontation

Still have a lot of work to do in this area, but I am also pretty good at it from experience. Just had to distance myself from a person because they treated me poorly during a confrontation.

    1. Stay calm

    Even if it is a horrible situation stay calm and try and think clearly

    2. Remember that nothing is personal

    The other person is just tryin to get rid of stress and aiming it at you.

    3. Treat others with respect

    Even if someone made a horrible mistake, the way that you treat them is a reflection of your values. You never know who that person will end up being. Never make an enemy.

    4. Time is of the essence

    Try to resolve something as quickly as possible. The longer you wait the bigger it will become.

    5. Be brutally honest, but not hurtful

    Tell the person that you are just going to be honest with them and give them the truth and then look for a solution

    6. Respect yourself

    Let other people know what kind of behavior you will and will not accept and then if they cross just let them know there is a line and they have crossed it and you will not deal with them again until they respect your boundaries.

    7. Find another solution

    Be an idea machine. If you are having a confrontation start to think of ways to resolve or around that confrontation. There is always another way.

    8. Analyze your own behavior and what you could do better

    9. Will it matter in 2 weeks?

    A lot of disagreements will not matter in 2 weeks. So let it go.

    10. Do what you can

    Work hard, be honest and just do what you can. You are good enough

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