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How to deal with hate

My friend asked 'how do you deal with hate?' not that I get much, but I thought it was a great question. How should you deal with it?

    1. Understanding

    The you, you know is different from the you, your parents see, from the you your friends see, from the you, children see, from the you, people have heard stories about you 'see'. You're an infinite number of abstractions. Chances are 1/infanate that they hate the real you. They hate an abstract version of you.

    Someone hating something that looks similar to you, but isn't you doesn't feel as bad, does it?

    2. Their opinion

    We all have opinions. We can try and sway opinions, but it's essentially out of our control. We can't force people to love us.

    You can change your thinking and actions. Everything is shouldn't be a concern. View it as fate. A gamble we can move the odds on, but always have a chance of losing.

    3. Do your best

    Do your best, the rest doesn't matter. They hate you, despite living your life to the best of your ability? So what, that's on them. Your life is yours to live. Do they expect you to do better than you're best? That's impossible. Are you going to be sad that you can't do the impossible? What's more important how they feel about you or how you feel about yourself?

    4. Good vs good

    The idiot sees the world as Good vs Evil. The cynic sees the world as Evil vs Evil. The truth that no one seems able to see is that the world is, and always has been, a battle of Good vs. Good. - Norm MacDonald

    They hate evil, because they believe their good,and the opposite must be evil. Yet opposites can both be good, at least it is in the minds of the individuals performing the actions. Put yourself in their shoes, why would they think your actions are evil? What evidence are they missing, that you own that will prove these actions are in fact good? Would you hate someone performing good actions?

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