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How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing.

I am selling a product on Amazon and I want it to show up on the first page for specific keywords.

    1. Copy product link off Amazon.com and add to your social media page as your website

    2. Add the Amazon product link to Reddit. Specifically the sub-reddit "r/shutupandtakemymoney"

    3. Provide influencers with free sample and also 3-5 coupons for a free product sample (or a significant discount) from the amazon. Chances are if the influencer likes the product they will know others who might like it as well.

    4. Advertise the product on google and Facebook to drive traffic to the listing.

    5. Advertise the product on amazon.com to show up on from page and capture traffic and sales. Increase in traffic and sales should improve the listings organic placement on page.

    6. Add product to Facebook groups that promote new amazon listings or deeply discounted amazon products.

    7. Send sample products to special interest organizations (BLM, right-wing, left-wing, etc) and embed yourself as a strong supporter and crave out a specific audience.

    8. Send your product to a blogger/writer who specializes in your product and try to get them to write about your product and link your Amazon listing.

    9. Make professional looking images of the products

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