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how to enjoy life 10% more

Thanks to @lovingkindnesscomedy for the suggestion. Most of my suggestions have to do with increasing the fullness of the life experience.

how to enjoy life 10% more

    1. "make yourself as comfortable as you can ... now make yourself 10% more comfortable"

    I heard this in a guided meditation. It is a great trick and you can use it in all kinds of ways. Great for falling asleep fast.

    2. Get pets

    If you already have some, get some more. Not much better than the drama-free unconditional love from a dog.

    3. Stretch at least 3x per week to relieve tension. A flexible body is a flexible mind.

    This can be yoga or just stretching. I have a catalog of a few different poses that I can go to, and even 5 minutes is enough to recharge my body.

    4. Consciously pursue your hobbies

    Give yourself time and set aside energy to do them. Give yourself permission!

    You never know how your hobbies are going to crossover into other parts of your life. They add a lot to your skill set and life and enjoyment. I made an error in putting my hobbies aside while raising my kids. My kids became my hobby, but part of me went into hibernation that I needed to rekindle consciously. At some unconscious level I was also trying to get a full life experience just from kids. That put unnecessary pressure on the relationships and led to some (mild) disappointment.

    5. Do things: have experiences

    You have to do things to experience things. You get enjoyment and personal growth out of reflecting on your experiences. If you've already experienced going out to the pub 500 times, maybe try something else. Unless you really like the pub that much and then go for it. Don't turn down opportunities. It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done.

    6. Make things

    Learn how to make an origami swan for a gift. Learn how to repair things. Create a sculpture, a good meal, a garden, a poem, a song, a story, a smile.

    7. Try to make everyone that you encounter laugh

    From coworkers to cashiers and family members. Try to make someone laugh at least once anytime you interact with them. It is satisfying to hear an honest laugh, and it sets any interaction in a positive way. it probably releases dopamine for everyone involved.

    8. Set aside time to think every day

    If you have a dog, you can do this multiple times a day on a walk. Meditating, journaling, creating lists, and writing stories or music. Solving puzzles.

    9. Set aside time to learn every day

    Over an extended period, you will learn many things and eventually have to branch out and get new knowledge. This will make the world appear much richer and more nuanced.

    10. If you are so inclined, learn to meditate to hallucinate

    I was into the substances that would help you do this many years ago. I learned to create a mild hallucinating experience through meditation only: flashbacks on demand. I gave up the substances, but I can still do my meditation anytime I want and spend a few seconds or minutes "in the zone" without the drugs. Every once in a while I will do this for longer periods of time: 20-30 minutes.

    11. Focus on the details: mindfullness

    If you are doing the dishes, for example, take your time to do it well and enjoy the experience of a job well done. Enjoy the sensations of the soap, and the satisfaction of cleaning small things well. I got into this more after I was joking with a friend that if cleaning a dish was like a woodworking project, I would polish it for hours. After I said this I realized: well why not!

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