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How to fix the local golf and country club before they go belly up.

We have a local golf and country club that is struggling because of miss management and low golfing numbers. It's a beautiful property, has a great restaurant, as a gym, so many opportunities to upgrade outside of just golf.

    1. Offer a practice membership

    Currently, you are either a golfing, member, or a recreational member, and a great way to get someone to upgrade. Their membership would be if they could practice more and get better. For a small fee offer unlimited practice time.

    2. Classes in the fitness center

    During the pandemic, all of the classes got canceled, no more yoga, no more cycling, and they never came back. Bring them back, and the people will come back too. 

    3. Healthy post workout snacks

    Make it easy for those to put an order in protein shake, oatmeal and fresh fruit, power burrito. Just a few options, that could get delivered to patrons on their way out of the fitness center.

    4. Masters swimming

    The club has a very active kids swim team, but they should add a masters program and get the adults in the mix.

    5. Office hours

    Members that are working from home, but want to get out of the house end up at the local Starbucks. Why not end up at the club? Add a small area for people to work from the club. They'll end up eating, spending money, maybe getting a workout over lunch, maybe playing around after work. Bring them in and they will stay.

    6. Sauna and cold plunge

    Add a sauna and cold plunge to the fitness center. It's on trend right now, people don't want to put them at their homes, and the expense is just a drop in the bucket for a large facility like that.

    7. AbnB/VRBO

    Fill out a few small apartments facility. They have the space that's being unused, they have showers, food, everything that's needed. Members that have guests in town can rent out the space. Traveling golfers can rent out the space as well. this is somewhat common at other older clubs, to have an overnight facility for traveling or out of town members.

    8. Pickle ball

    We added pickle ball, courts, now bring on the Pickleball league. Age group. Mixed. Family competitions. It would be a blast.

    9. Wellness

    Offer massages, and meditation and other wellness related classes and services to the fitness center.

    10. Leaderboard

    They have posted the course records, golf related records, and swim team related records. Let's post other leader boards. Who got the most rounds in for the year? Who played the most pickle ball? Who got the most workouts? Show peoples streaks. Some of these game education techniques that are used in apps should be used at the club as well.

    11. App

    Build an app for the club that can be used for Scheduling. Book your teatime, schedule, Pickleball court time, sign up for classes. It could have a calendar of events. Reservations at the restaurant. Orders at the restaurant to go. Course record. Streaks, how many days you gone to the club. Updates, did something happen?

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