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How to Freelance as an Emergency Medical Technician

    1. Find some doctors to be your "clients"

    2. Have a good website that shows all the services you can provide.

    Here's mine: https://jamesaltucher.com/services/

    3. Have an email list of potential customers.

    I've been building my list for years. But I also have a course on it below.

    4. When you get an emergency call from a doctor, CALL THE DOCTOR!

    Let them know how the patient is doing, send them updates, etc. This will build trust and they will keep calling you back for more patients.

    5. Charge $100 / hour or whatever makes sense for your market but don't go lower than that

    You can charge more as you build up your reputation and get testimonials from doctors who have used you before
    Charge $150-200 if you are in a big city like NY or LA where the competition is higher and there are more EMTs trying to do this business

    6. Make sure your website looks clean and professional so it's obvious you take this seriously and aren't just some fly-by-night freelancer trying to make money off of someone else's hard work (which is not what I am doing here)

    7. Have insurance so the doctors are protected if something goes wrong with one of their patients when you are on the scene or when they use your services in other ways (like training or consulting)

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