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How to get out of a rut

My goal in writing this is to get onto some sort of new side hustle. My last two side hustles flopped.

    1. Spend less time fiddling with email

    2. Read with a purpose and with a time limit.

    Reading is certainly important and a great way to learn things. However I find that it is easy to get into a rut of spending a lot of time reading instead of doing.

    3. Make a one-year plan for a side hustle and work backwards to plan it

    4. Tidy up things that are distracting. If you have things that are not put away on your desk or projects that are not quite wrapped up, finish those.

    5. Block out time in the morning before your day job to work for one hour every day. Increase this to an hour and a half or longer if possible.

    6. Related to making a one year plan backwards make sure you have tasks to work on.

    7. Be mindful with what you do. Don’t try to multitask but be present in the moment.

    This is important if you are doing something to relax. Don’t try to combine relaxation with work but if you were reading for pleasure or going for a walk be sure to be mindful and enjoy the process. I have found that 15 minutes of mindful activity is much more satisfying than an hour of wandering attention.

    8. Get enough rest so that you have good energy and focus.

    9. In addition to a one-year plan, create a five-year plan, and a three month plan. You can have plans for any time frame but it is helpful to have short, medium, and long-term goals.

    10. Create more than you consume.

    Spend time writing, and thinking, and creating 10 ideas a day lol. By spending energy and time creating something even a simple as an idealist is far better than spending the same amount of time reading a blog

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