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10 Steps to Get Good at Something

    1. Learn how to learn

    Also, find YouTube videos on spaced repetition.

    2. Seinfeld method

    Work on your craft every day. If you miss a day, get back on the horse.

    Once you are really good at something, you might take extended breaks to let the mind/body/spirit rest and rejuvenate.

    Until you get to that point, don't miss two days in a row.

    3. Be patient

    It takes time to get good at something. The mind needs time to subconsciously let things sink in, so you don't have to think so hard when 'doing.' Take things slow when first starting out, even though you are excited. Avoid burnout. Stop learning for the day while you are still excited to learn. That way you wont be able to wait to come back the next day.

    4. Get used to the grind

    Boring wins. Focus on the fundamentals. The basics are boring. At first, like a new relationship, everything is fun and exciting. Eventually, the new car smell wears off. That's when the truly great get to work. You have to fall in love with the grind. Be in love with boring. Each day is not exciting. The longer you go, the more boring things become. That's the price the truly great pay to succeed.

    5. Keep it fresh

    80/20 rule - focus the bulk of your time on the basics, but try new things to keep the mind fresh. Experiment. You might find better ways of working. Even playing around, which doesn't seem serious, can be beneficial. You might stumble on a new way of doing/thinking.

    6. Look for shortcuts

    Work smart. Find edges that give you an advantage against time or against an opponent. Find processes and methods that save you time and precious mental energy. Just looking for shortcuts will make you think about things in a different way. You may notice something.

    7. Learn the rules and how to exploit them

    Similar to #6 learn the rules better than others. There are edges in the basic manual that others don't take the time to learn.

    8. Take breaks

    Grind 6 days a week . 1 day off completely away from your work. You may need to take longer breaks to let the mind and body rest and rejuvenate. Especially once you are really good. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

    9. Work on your mental toughness and self-talk

    Pump yourself up. Fake it until you make it. Everyone has self-doubt. Knowing that everyone else has that is an advantage. You won't always perform your best. Neither will everyone else. The steady hand slays the dragon.

    10. Don't be afraid to quit

    Life is too short to grind at things you don't need/want to do. If you don't really want to be great at something, cut your losses and find something else to give your valuable attention.

    If you really want to get good at something, expect to give it 3-5 years, minimum.

    11. Find a Mentor

    Don't get too much advice from others, but it is helpful to consult expert opinions. You can even just read about people who have done what you want to do. Just remember, every path is different. Personalities are different. There are many ways to skin a cat.
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