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How to get the most out of a non-Apple Watch

I have an Apple Watch. I think it's one of the original watches. I don't wear it any more as the battery doesn't last. I've used it as a nightstand clock most recently.

I have a FitBit but I don't find it especially inspiring. And the text is very small.

I decided to buy a new watch but an Apple Watch wasn't a priority. Instead, I bought a cloudpoem smart watch. I researched similar watches in this price bracket and the cloudpoem had the most positive feedback.

    1. It's affordable

    If it lasts only a year, it will still be a bargain. In the UK, this watch cost £35.

    2. It looks nice

    The watch design is based on the Apple Watch. It looks really good. I like the pale pink strap, and the rose gold watch surround.

    3. Multiple screen designs

    The cloudpoem has a LOT of screen designs to choose from. Mine at the moment is the astronaut. The layout shows my steps, calories, heart rate, battery remaining, time and day.

    4. Notifications

    I receive text and message notifications, emails, social media etc. Texts didn't come through initially - I think it was my iPhone settings I reset a couple of things which resolved the problem.

    5. Step counter

    You can set a target number of steps. You add height and weight to calculate your stride. The watch and app log your steps, calories and kilometres travelled.

    6. Heart rate

    You can set the schedule for the watch to record your BPM.

    7. Blood oxygen

    This was a new one for me. I don't need it but interesting to get the stats.

    8. Sleep tracker

    This is useful, especially when I'm not having a good sleeping week. And also to see the overall trends.

    9. Weather

    Just handy to know what the weather's doing today.

    10. Value for money

    For the price, this is a great little watch. Yes, you could have an Apple Watch or similar, with all the bells and whistles but, right now, I don't need all that. I just need to tell the time, find tracking my steps helpful, and like the quirky screen wallpapers.

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