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How to have a great moving company

Just moved some things today and the company was excellent. First time I've ever said that about a moving company.

    1. Call people back and be responsive

    The owner of the company was very quick to respond. Texted me quickly. Called me back. Was proactive.

    2. Be honest

    This is one that you don't really know until the end unless you get a referral. This company said they would take between 2.5 to 4 hours. They finished slightly early. They charged me what we agreed upon.

    3. Fair prices

    Whatever market rates are. If you are as well respected as this group, you can charge more. It's worth it for the customer. I paid a bit more per hour, but could not be happier.

    4. Be professional and nice

    From the owner to the crew, they were friendly, professional, and responsible. They didn't mess around. They dressed well for movers. They smiled and seemed in a good mood.

    5. Have a backup plan

    Weather was iffy. Ahead of time, we discussed a backup plan. In fact, the company gave me a plan B and a plan C. Impressive.

    6. Pay employees well

    This crew seemed to be happy with their pay. They were tipped well by me, too.

    7. Plan well

    They brought two trucks. We could have had everything in one, but the second allowed them to not have things laying on top of other stuff.

    8. Word of mouth

    This group doesn't even have a website. Their service is so good, they don't need one. Their reputation is stellar and they have more work than they can handle. It's a side business for the owner. He's working full-time while handling this business on the side. Smart fellow.

    9. Catchy name?

    The business name was not catchy. Does it need to be?

    10. Under-promise. Over-deliver.

    They did. Without a doubt.

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