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how to have the strength to end your life

strength to follow suicidal plan

    1. Don't be afraid of death.


    2. Know that life is suffering

    3. Find a reason to live

    4. Connect with people

    5. Do good things for others

    6. Practice mindfulness and self-awareness

    7. Don't do things that hurt yourself or others

    8. Surround yourself with beauty. But not too much. (see note)

    Note: Too much beauty can lead to despair if you think it will always be this beautiful and then it won't be later on in life so why bother now, etc. This is what happened to the writer Andrew Solomon in his book, "The Noonday Demon". He was depressed after he had a baby and saw how beautiful everything was at that moment but knew later on it wouldn't be like that so he wanted to kill himself (and considered it for ten years). He's fine now but I'm mentioning this because I don't want anyone reading this to have that thought ever about me if they are reading this because they are suicidal about me (which has happened).

    Also, there's an article called "The Paradox of Beauty" which discusses this issue more fully although I haven't read it yet so can't comment further except to say I don't want anyone who reads this to feel despair if they see something beautiful around them right now as long as they are taking action steps towards their goals in life regardless of whether or not those goals include making money or otherwise being successful in society's eyes (because society is insane).

    I mention all this because when I was younger and would go into the Met Museum, or any museum really, I would think, "this is what heaven must look like." And then when heaven didn't look like that later on I would get depressed for a while until realizing that just because something looks like heaven doesn't mean it IS heaven and one should keep moving forward regardless of what appears around them at any given time (although I still think museums are great).

    But my point is - don't surround yourself with too much beauty because you might get sad if you feel like it will never look as beautiful again as it does right now (when in reality it probably will).
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