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How to incorporate more movement into your lifestyle?

Are you a "Couch potato" always sitting and have been thinking of adding more movement to your life?

I read the book Get up by James Levine and also Sitting Kills by Dr. Joan Vernicho’s a few years ago that changed my thinking towards sitting. The later also claimed it will take up to 32 posture changes from sitting-standing and back again to maintain healthy blood pressure.

You may not start with the 5,000 - 1000 steps widely popularized by the fitness folks but you can incorporate small movements that'll make it all natural to you.

10 ways to become more physically active and decrease sitting time

    1. Take walks everyday

    A 30-minute walk can improve your cardiovascular health and help you lose weight.

    I walk more as a lifestyle for creativity and stress reduction while if you're using walking as an exercise take a brisk walk every day.

    Embrace walking meetings when possible.

    Take a post meal walk - walking 10-30mins after meals helps restore blood glucose levels.

    2. Go get your Lunch at work:

    Make a habit for getting your lunch yourself. This will decrease the convenience habit of over sitting.

    3. Get a standing desk:

    Use a stand desk when possible or office treadmill desk.

    You can burn an extra 150 calories per day by using a standing desk, and you will also be less likely to experience back pain.

    4. Take dance classes:

    Dancing is a fun way to get moving.

    Dancing for fun lowers stress and keeps you active.

    5. Wear Comfortable shoes

    I used to buy shoes on how they looked regardless of unnecessary heels even as a man or sound they make.

    Now i do the opposite.

    Wear comfortable shoes daily; the more uncomfortable you are to move; the more you are stuck on a chair.

    6. Play Sports as a hobby or join a sports team

    Joining a sports league or fitness class- participating in an organized activity is a fun way to make exercise more social and enjoyable.

    I grew up playing soccer and running as a form of exercise. It was all for fun and the latter was basically during play.

    Joining a team will give you the motivation to stay active and exercise regularly.

    7. Go for hikes on the weekends:

    Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying nature.

    8. Isometric exercises:

    According to Healthline, Isometric exercise is any type of exercise that holds the body in one position. The muscles are contracted but do not change length as you hold the position.

    Think of:

    • - Plank pose
    • - Wall sit
    • - Side plank
    • - Glute bridge etc.

    9. Fidgeting for better health:

    If you find yourself always sitting - just make the conscious decision of getting up every now and then for a while until you get used to it.

    Make stretch breaks part of long meetings or presentations

    Stand up to make or receive phone calls.

    10. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator-

    Not only is this a great way to get some extra steps in, but it's also a great way to start your day with some light cardio.

    11. Making household chores into workout opportunities

    If you enjoy any household chore and do it regularly and as safe as possible.

    Things like vacuuming, mopping, and gardening can all be turned into mini workouts if you put some effort into it!

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