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How to learn new skills and stick with it

    1. Spend some money on it.

    At least for me, if I've invested some cash it somehow seems more important or valuable. 

    2. Do it with a partner or group

    Peer pressure

    3. Cherish your successes

    They are well earned and can be motivating

    4. Don’t make it a chore.

    If you don't enjoy it or derive some other tangible benefit, stop doing it. Afteralll, you weren't doing it before.

    5. Give yourself permission to be bad at first.

    6. Tell other people about this new skill you’re learning.

    Maybe you can help them. Maybe they will simply ask how it's coming along. 

    7. Find ways to incorporate it into whatever you’re already doing frequently.

    Example: Let's pretend you're learning small engine repair. Now every time you mow the lawn, take a few minutes and do a little inspection / preventative maintenance. Check the oil. Clean and re-gap the spark plug. Check if the blades need sharpening. Etc. 

    Repetition builds competence and familiarity.

    8. Use a mentor and/or coach.

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