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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Love - 12 Insights

    1. You can love anything or anyone you decide to love.

    There isn't any barrier to love. Only illusions.

    2. Love is a combination of attention, appreciation, and empathy.

    No money is required.

    3. To love something, connect with it.

    As long as you enjoy being in a power struggle, you can't know love.

    4. Many times a day, you have the opportunity to connect.

    Every day you have the opportunity to heal and be healed.

    Choose to heal every time.

    5. Actively listen to people. When they're succinct, ask them to elaborate.

    Become transfixed by your sister's presence.

    6. When someone tells you what's "broken", they want you to see the Truth about them, not try to eliminate the lie.

    You can't fix what is not broken. However, you can point to that which is unbroken that's hidden from sight and eternally present.

    7. Break down the walls that separate you from others and prevent real connections.

    Walls don't protect, they separate.

    Remove your tinted sunglasses of separation, fear, and blame.

    8. The hardest part of connecting with someone is your refusal to be honest with yourself and others.

    Masquerading is shallow. Honesty is deep.

    9. When you're with others, be the same person you'd be when alone.

    Take off the mask. What's underneath is so much better.

    10. You seek someone to fill the gaps of what you feel is missing. But nobody will save you.

    You're the one who put yourself in prison, you'll have to be the one who gets you out.

    11. Notice who makes you feel more connected with yourself - more open and more honest.

    Don't be fooled by appearances, you can learn a lot from those you feel the most disconnected with.

    12. When one of you is being childish, the other needs to be the adult.

    If two upset people are in the same room, one of them is unnecessary.
    Be the first one to side with sanity.

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