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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Make A Million Mistakes- 12 Insights

    1. Try everything, all the time, expecting everything to fail. Just make sure that you capture the lessons from each experience.

    What you call failure is nothing more than feedback.

    Experiences that are less than desirable should be looked upon for correction, not punishment.

    2. You'll learn more lessons in a day than others learn in a year.

    You want the repetitions.

    You want the "at bats"

    You want the "trial runs"

    You'll learn more lessons in a day than others learn in a year. Don't shy away from making mistakes.

    3. Trying to write a great song is hard. Trying to write a bad song is easy and fun.

    Suffering needlessly because you refuse to try a new approach to living a great life is hard.

    Choosing to be kind to the very next person you encounter is easy.

    4. Jump into action without hesitation or worry.

    What takes them a month will take you an hour, so you can do it ten times a day.

    Jump and the net will appear.

    Stop waiting to be chosen. Choose yourself.

    5. Once you've made all the mistakes in a field, you're considered an expert.

    You can always spot the pioneers by the arrows in their backs.


    6. Do what everyone says not to. Learn by hands on experience.

    Experience trumps everything.

    7. You only really learn when you're surprised - when your previous idea of something was wrong. If you're not surprised, it means the new information fits in with what you already know.

    Little can be learned from the known because you already know it.

    Everything you desire is on the edge of your comfort zone.

    Your growth zone is your failure zone. Both are at the edge of your limits.

    If you're upset, angry, or fearful about anything be willing to admit that you're wrong about what you're thinking and believing.

    Prove it or disprove it.

    8. While everyone else is nervously preparing, you jump right in unafraid to fail.

    Fire - Ready - Aim.

    9. Being desperate leads to creative solutions.

    You were born creative but somewhere along your journey, it was sucked out of you.

    Desperation is the jet fuel to spark your creativity again.

    10. The people devastated by failure are the ones who didn't expect it. They mistakenly think failure is who they are instead of the result of one attempt.

    You can't possibly fail when you're not attached to a particular outcome.

    Insight is failure turned inside out.

    11. If you're prepared for endless failures, you'll never think of yourself as a failure.

    It ain't nothing until YOU call it.

    12. If all you aim for is what you already know, you're aiming too low.

    If all you do is what you already did, all that you get is what you've already got.

    13. Mistakes are the fountain of youth. The old and successful get fragile. They think they know everything.

    Keep making mistakes, so you can keep changing, learning, and growing.

    Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – your brain has the ability to modify its connections or re-wire itself.

    14. Every plane crash makes the next one less likely.

    The feedback loop is present in everything.

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