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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Make Memories - 7 Insights

    1. Journal every day.

    Journaling helps to improve your communication skills.

    Journaling helps improve your mood.

    Journaling helps to anchor you in the present moment.

    Journaling can help reduce symptoms of depression.

    Journaling helps you become more intimate with your thoughts and feelings.

    Journaling sparks creativity.

    Journaling can serve as a blank canvas for your life’s greatest moments.

    Journaling helps you discover your own voice.

    Journaling is a place you can keep your thoughts for free.

    Journaling improves mindfulness.

    Journaling creates a record for posterity.

    Journaling helps to clarify thinking.

    Journaling is a way to silence the ego.

    Journaling helps bring your thoughts, emotions, and ideas into reality.

    2. You have the right to reframe.

    You have a right to see beyond the body.

    You have a right to not associate the behavior with the person.

    You have the right not to project your insecurities onto others.

    You have the right to de-escalate any situation.

    You have the right to see any situation in a harmonious way.

    You have the right to love your fellow man.

    You have the right to have a shift in your perspective.

    You have the right to say "no" to the things that don't serve yourself or mankind.

    You have the right to share your gifts and talents with the world.

    You have a right to not attack and be judgmental.

    You have the right to see anyone who hurts as hurting.

    You have a right to swap out the frame of any picture at any time.

    3. How you feel about anything is based on how you look back at it.

    You have the choice of whether you see the darkness or the light.

    How you see the "small" things in how you'll see the 'large" things.

    If you're unhappy you're off track. Look again.

    4. When you make a big mistake and want to learn its lesson, deliberately amplify the pain, the deep regret, and the consequences.

    Make the lesson memorable so you won't do it again.

    When you attack you will be attacked.

    5. Summarize a painful time into a tiny story - under a minute -stripped of pain and power.

    Take back your power and stop giving it to your past.

    Who would you be without your painful story of the past?

    Make the new painless story stick by repeating it over and over.

    You already have the things you seek but they're covered up by your powerless stories.

    6. Without memories you have no sense of self.

    You believe that you are nothing more than a cluster of memories.

    The more desperately you try to hold onto past memories the more you suffer.

    7. Turn your experiences into stories.

    A story is the remains of an experience.

    Experience is everything.

    Choose your stories wisely because the stories of you playing the victim is damaging.

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