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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Value Only What Has Endured - 7 Insights

    1. The pleasure of buying a new thing disappears in days, even hours.

    The new object of your desire is always fleeting.

    The marketing shouts the benefits and hides the harm.

    Junk removal is big business.

    2. Let the test of time filter everything.

    Does it last?

    Is it changeless?

    Is it eternal?

    How do you determine what really matters?

    3. Nobody is pushing what really matters?

    People, like storks, bury their heads in the sand and deliberately refuse to accept the truth about what really matters.

    As Shakespeare once said, there's a lot of fuss about something which is not important. Much ado about nothing.

    Love, peace, and happiness. What could possibly be more important?

    The best thing in life isn't things.


    4. If it's important, there will eventually be a good book about it.

    Spread only the good news. It may take longer to "go viral" but it's worth the wait.

    Books are maps, not the destination.

    FOMO was created by the ego.

    5. The truly important things are quiet.

    The food that is good for you is "costly". The food that is bad for you is cheap. The world loves cheap food.

    The messages that are good for you, you don't have time for. The messages that are harmful to you, you're all ears.

    Life is incredibly peaceful as you let go of grievances.

    Modern life = shallowness and distractions.

    Timeless life = peace, harmony, love, happiness, eternity

    6. The ones with the best past.

    Who should you pay attention to? The ones who help you to feel good about yourself.

    You don't need a past because you have now.

    7. Spend time outside.

    Being outside makes you happy.

    Think good thoughts. Feel the love. Act accordingly.

    You don't need anything that the world is pushing. Everything their shouting will soon be gone.

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