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How To Live A happier Life(Premium Idea)

Would you be interested in a premium list of over 50 ways to live a happier life?

Based on my year long instagram project. https://www.instagram.com/roccodesta/?hl=en-gb

    1. Second Order Thinking

    We often fail to think past the first domino when it comes to decisions. This will make me happy, therefore it must be the right choice. But what comes afterwards? You have to live with the consequences. Take time to look past the initial act. Is it still worth doing?

    2. Always Be Moving Forward

    I can't speak for everyone, but for me and most people I have talked to about this depression comes when life is stagnant or getting worse. As a result if you'd like to keep depression at bay, always be moving forward. Lean something new each day. Solve a problem. Practice a new skill. Whatever it is aim to look back on your day and see a little growth.

    3. Become A Better Storyteller

    Stories are how we model the world. So, if you can become better at telling them you can become much more persuasive to others. The stories we tell ourselves also affect how we think and feel a simple change from 'I'm a sad and pathetic loser' too 'I'm learning and growing into a far better person than I use to be' gives us the hope and drive needed to make that story a reality. What stories are forming your worldview?

    4. Body Poses

    Our body pose affects how we think and feel. A simple change to standing up straight with your shoulders back will make you happier and more confident. Taking up more space breads more confidence whereas less space will make you feel weaker. Throughout the day take a mental note of your pose and notice how you feel before and after changing that pose.

    5. Cold Showers

    6. Complement Others

    7. Consistency Bias

    8. Deep Breath

    9. Destress

    10. Don't Choose To Be Offended

    11. Don't do anything to tarnish your character

    12. Don't Mind-read

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