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How To Make Crowded Event Safer

The Halloween crowd crush in Seoul saddens me. People should be able to enjoy Halloween and any event without having to worry.

A similar event happened at the start of the month in Indonesia.

How can we use modern technologies and problem-solving to mitigate the risk?

    1. Better envisioning from local governments

    Plan-act is no longer sufficient. Government agencies should envision and experiment. Halloween parties and crowds are expected to have a lot of young people. Local governments should make resources available during these predictable events.

    2. Premortem with citizen

    Local governments should have more data about people, trends, etc. They should know where young spend time. They should have premortems with citizens about hypothetical scenarios.

    Local governments should operate as a startup.

    3. Use technology to get heat maps of dense areas

    4. Social media platforms to help

    Social media platforms to help with live updates. Maybe they can do more to coordinate with local authorities.

    5. Ready-to-fly drones to carry oxygen, AED

    6. I am sure others have better ideas

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