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How to make the best YouTube videos

Checklist of items that will make each YouTube video successful

    1. Engaging thumbnail

    You want to make the user click on your thumbnail to watch the video. Thumbnails with a person's face do better.

    2. 10-15 min time frame

    The video needs to be long enough to engage people, but not long enough that they lose interest.

    3. Call to action

    Ask the user for something you want.
    - What the next video
    - Visit your website
    - Take your course etc.

    4. Remind the viewer to Like and Subscribe

    You want to the user to come back and watch more as you post more. Subscriptions are the way to monetize faster.

    5. Video description

    Describe what the video is about. YouTube is a search engine and will categorize your video when people search.

    6. Video Title

    Engaging and descriptive title. Make people want to click.

    7. Script

    Plan out what you are going to say in your video.

    8. Background and lighting

    Does not have to be perfect. But it better to have an interesting 'set' for viewers to look at.

    9. Keep it fun

    The more fun you can have the longer you will want to do it.

    10. Consistently post on the same day

    This is the most important of all. Post at the same time on the same consistently for years.

    11. Collaborate with other people

    YouTubers, Experts, Authors, Smart people, Entertaining people etc.

    12. Retention

    You want people to watch your video all the way through so design your video that the user wants to stay and watch.

    13. Over promise, over deliver

    A James Altucher technique. Give them more than they expect.
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