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How to meet new people in your city

If you have just moved to a new place and want to meet new people or start relationships/friendships. Apps are great, but human connection is better.

    1. Host a party/dinner at your house and invite your neighbors

    You will find out who the weirdos are in your neighborhood aka who to avoid and then find people you click with

    2. Coworkers

    Invite your coworkers out to happy hour to socialize outside of work. Careful with this one. Some people are horrible with alcohol and you do not want to get messy or deal with other people that are messy.

    3. Fitness class - get healthy and meet likeminded people

    The gym can be a vulnerable place, but you can meet fun people there

    4. Go to a meetup on a topic you are passionate about

    Can be professional or personal

    5. Host a meetup on a topic you are passionate about

    Organize a meet and greet of likeminded people.

    6. Start producing content - Instagram/Twitter/YouTube aka become famouse

    People flock to fame and people that are talented

    7. Go to a fun bar - people still go out and enjoy socializing

    Introduce yourself to men and women. Do not try to sleep with them, just try to become friends with them and grow that friendship. Then see if they know anyone that is single that they could introduce you to.

    8. Dating Apps

    This is my least favorite way of meeting new people. Too much pressure to be romantic right off the bat. The best relationships start as friendship. See if you like spending time with someone before you make it official.

    9. Join a social group - Jogging, crossfit, knitting, board games

    I just join Tech Titans in Dallas. Really interesting people and topics.

    10. Teach a class

    Can be academic or can be something like public speaking or how to master Super Mario.

    11. Church/Temple/Mosque

    Religion is a great way to meet likeminded people.

    12. Get involved in politics

    You will quickly meet a lot of people. But politics can be a time suck. And then people might just want to meet you to get you volunteer your time/money/vote.

    13. Volunteer at a local non profit

    14. Music concerts

    15. Ask your existing contact list if they know anyone in the new area

    16. Facebook

    17. Be bold - just start asking the people you see if your area if they want to be friends or if they know anyone

    18. Toastmasters

    They have clubs around the world

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