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How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for a job interview

    1. Play the role of a a problem solver/expert rather than an interviewee

    2. Research the company and come up with 10 ideas on how you can help/provide solutions for your new job

    • Google the company and check out its Wikipedia Page: take note of its revenue, growth, and number of staff.
    • The company site notes its core values, mission statement/vision, and charitable works.
    • Review any recent news activity on Google news, article, or social media.
    • Research any problem or challenges as part of the business or the industry

    3. State a flaw about yourself early in the interview

    Being honest about a skill drawback early in an interview establishes your trustworthiness.

    4. If you expect a test technical test be sure to look at the interview prep material available on the internet

    5. Optional: You could hire someone off Fiverr or Upwork who has worked in that job family for a mock interview (avoid HR interviews unless you are looking for an HR job)

    6. Always prep questions to ask the hiring manager

    Here are a few I've asked in the past:

    • What are your crucial challenge or something that has kept you up at night?
    • Is this backfill position or is it a newly created position? (Are you trying to figure out if someone quit/got fired)?
    • How would you describe the working culture here?
    • What do you enjoy about company X?
    • What is your style of leadership and management?

    7. Brush up on any new trends or tech in your industry or the job in question

    8. Logistics

    Be sure to get a clear idea of the address, weather conditions, parking

    9. Morning Routine: Get plenty of sleep, eat a high protein breakfast and meditate

    10. Don't send a thank you note

    It sounds counterintuitive. But as a hiring manager, thank you notes had little impact on my final decision.

    Be likeable, demonstrate expertise, ask engaging questions and express enthusiasm and you will do great.

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