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How to prepare for house guests

People who will stay at your house

    1. Get your mind right

    Sometimes, you don't really want these people around. But, they might be family, so you gotta do what you have to do. Hang in there. It will be over soon. Or, it's people you are excited to see, in which case, it's all good.

    2. Clean the sheets

    People like a nice set of sheets to sleep on.

    3. Clean the bathrooms

    Wipe off the toilets, counters, and sinks, to make it appear that you keep a somewhat clean house.

    4. Get some refreshments

    Have something other than water and coffee. Even if that's all you drink, like me.

    5. Have some snacks

    Similar to #4.

    6. Be prepared to cook a big meal or take them out to eat

    Whichever you prefer and can afford.

    7. Make sure they have a space to park

    Make it convenient. They are your guests, after all.

    8. Let them watch whatever they want on your TV

    We don't have cable, so they have limited choices.

    9. Have the wifi password ready

    So they don't have to use cellular.

    10. Give them some privacy

    Make them feel comfortable and be sure they have some alone time, if they want.

    11. "Make Yourself at Home"

    Everyone says this. It's nice if you actually mean it.

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