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Collin Harness


How to save money during the Christmas holidays


    1. During the year see if people want to give away any of their decorations

    Ask multiple people if they have any holiday decorations that they would like to give away. You will get so much stuff.

    2. Make some homemade gifts

    Food. Crafts. Drinks. Ornaments

    3. Schedule dinners with friends instead of gifts

    Give people your time and listen to them.

    4. Give people hand written cards rather than gifts

    People will be shocked you thought of them.

    5. Make a list of things to buy during the year and then buy them when they are on sale

    Have an ongoing list

    6. Preplan any shopping for gifts or clothing

    Have an ongoing list of gifts that you could give people that are really affordable.

    - Candles

    - Chapstick

    - Starbucks gift card

    - Ornaments

    - Socks


    7. Focus on one person rather than lots of people

    Everyone draws a name.

    8. Donate your time to a charity

    Animals. Homeless. Mentoring etc.

    9. Gather with people outside

    Go on a hike, picnic, snow day etc.

    10. Find inexpensive crafts you can do with family or friends

    Pinterest. YouTube. Search these places to do easy crafts.

    11. Make it a movie day with family or friends.

    You can actually go to the theater. Or spend the day binge watching different programs on the streaming services.

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