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How to save NotePD or does it need Saving?

Based on the "About Us" NotePD could potentially continue indefinitely as a passion project. Maybe it does not need saving?


    1. Use influencers to build users

    I heard Codie Sanchez name-drop @JamesAltucher and mention the 10 ideas, but she did not seem to be aware of NotePD. NotePD could be promoted to millions of people in a few weeks on the podcast circuit.

    Of course, this would cause the need for monetization. At the moment, I would imagine that NotePD is small enough so that it doesn't need much attention/hardware/money to run. If there were suddenly thousands of active users, NotePD would start to need more maintenance and need to generate some money.

    2. I have enjoyed the lack of spam and the small community

    Security by obscurity? I would hate to see NotePD overrun by crap and clickbait like Quora.

    3. Annual/monthly fee?

    I currently pay $6 a month for Trello: I also pay monthly fees of $5 - $20 for a half a dozen other things, but I have been getting the most value out of NotePD. I get more value out of NotePD and would consider a similar "coffee sized" expense but I am probably in the minority. NotePD Pro?

    4. Start a crypto currency ecosystem

    Mint coins that can be earned or gifted or purchased with USD or other crypto. Instead of a "like" you could reward someone with crypto. This could start as a "crypto use case" experiment but could act like shares of stock with potential for gain for both the users and the value of the platform.

    5. Promote it more within my social circles.

    I am hardly an influencer but I have been hesitant to share my NotePD "hobby" with others. Now that I have had a year of success with this system I feel more comfortable promoting it. I have proved the benefits to myself.

    6. Open source the code on GitHub

    There have been a number of bugs: open source can have interested users help patch problems.

    7. Continue public publishing

    I enjoy and am inspired by reading other people's posts. Trying to add value to the world every day helps my personal development.

    8. NotePD has a great format

    I lightly participate in some other social media sites like Quora, YouTube, and Stack Overflow. I don't participate in Facebook or Twitter (X). Posting lists in this format provides an excellent personal benefit every day. The list writing task is small enough so that it can be finished in a few minutes or if I'm inspired I can spend an hour on a more detailed post. The habit of thinking and writing every day has helped me tremendously in formulating my thoughts and expressing myself, and it spills over into my work and other parts of my life. I doubt I would have the same results from tweeting every day.

    Being able to have private lists for things that are either personal or mundane, like a confession or a shopping list is an excellent feature.

    I like being able to experiment with AI here. I enjoy generating the images and occasionally using AI to clean up my posts. I am also learning to detect AI-generated content. This will only get harder. It is an important playground to get comfortable with AI technology because it is not going anywhere.

    9. Add a public testimonials page for success stories and props

    Similar to other products or sales copy. It could be on its own webpage like an About Us page.

    10. If you are not paying you are the product...

    I don't mind training AI or being used as some part of a larger experiment.

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