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How to save NotePD or does it need Saving?

H/T @JamesAltucher

My reply to this thought provoking post started as a comment but I realized it would be easier to read as a list. So in no particular order some of my thoughts are: 

    1. Love/Hate relationship with adverts.

    Like most people I don't like a lot of advertising in my feeds. BUT that wasn't the question asked. If folks are advertising, there should probably be a fee structure. Maybe a few cents per click. (I don't have much experience with e-commerce so can't recommend a specific structure.)

    2. I love NotePD…

    ... but it is doubtful I would pay a subscription fee.

    3. I like the idea of encouraging collaboration more…

    ... but again, not really sure what it looks like.

    4. The decrease in regular posters is noticeable.

    In addition to tracking streaks, maybe some other reward system to encourage more posters more often.

    5. How much does JA or any of us promote NotePD to others?

    I could certainly mention it more than I do.

    6. Could the mobile version be better?

    I know I have issues on the iOS version.

    7. Could NotePD post user stats?

    Maybe a map of which countries have members. Or a heat map of posting frequency. Different variations on the most recent or trending stats we see now.

    8. NotePD may not need saving

    9. But some growth and increased diversity in posts would benefit everyone.

    10. Does NotePD email posters we haven’t heard from in a while?

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