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How to Set BIG F'ng GOALS. Most "life coaches" don't have a clue about goal setting. Sorry not sorry life coach.

    1. Step 1: Set a BFG

    What were your goals for 2022? Were they "safe goals" (easily achievable?). If you haven't thought about this you are already behind the top 1% in your profession. Like we used to say in the SEAL Teams...Go Big or Go Home. Most of the world will go home, that's an inconvenient truth. You can get upset about it or pull on your big boy pants and do something about it.

    Step 1.

    Set a BFG (Big Fucking Goal). Example: I want to fly in space within the next two years. I want to build a company worth $100M. BFG Goals are not rational...they are so big that they scare your friends. "Holy shit, they are going for it! What does this mean for me!", they say.

    People comment all the time on all the crazy stuff I've done in life. Left home at 16 (with a nudge from Dad), worked on a SCUBA boat and certified to dive at 13, was a Navy rescue swimmer in helicopters, then a Navy SEAL, then was promoted to run the course for the SEALs, NY Times bestselling author, certified pilot..blah blah. But I've done shit because I learned how to set BFGs at a young age. You'll know you're in the zone when people start telling you you're crazy. They did this to me when I said I wanted to become a Navy SEAL. "You'll never make it! 90% fail or quit!" After I made it the same people said, "I knew you could do it! Glad you are my friend."...we're not friends anymore.

    2. Process is Key

    Focus on what obstacles (it's the way, just ask Ryan Holiday) are in your way and design a process to better achieve your goal. I wrote a book in 1.5 months...a full length novel because I designed a system that had me write 2000 words a day. A typical novel is 60,0000 to 80,000 words.

    Get your head off the score and focus on the process of getting a great score not the score itself. The process of performing well. Ask yourself, "What do people at the top use for the process?", and steal it like an artist. We can't control much but we CAN control the process. How many days a week we train, study, read, etc...

    3. Attainment versus Achievement

    Anyone can get lucky...they say that even the sun shines on a dog's ass once a year. Don't be the dog's ass, focus on building towards attainment. This is also the difference between a career or just having a job. How many of us see people we know switching jobs all the time and never building towards true mastery of a skill like a composer, movie maker, financial or tech whiz who builds and builds knowledge towards attainment, rather than just achieving something.

    Someone who makes a professional sports team and is thrown out for behavior is an example of achievement versus a true master of the sport like Tom Brady.

    I see great Navy SEALs that can't transition to civilian life because they don't put in the work to transition. They must think, "But I was a Navy SEAL! Give it to me." It doesn't work like that...being a former Navy SEAL and $5 gets you a Starbuck's Latte and not much else unless you take the time to build attainment outside of the SEALs.

    It's why a lot of guys I know just dive into a twelve pack of beer and shit talk about the few of us SEALs who do well on the outside.

    "What a sell out!", they say...if attainment is selling out then consider me fucking sold.

    There's a reason people who reach attainment in their field dominate...because they put in the work. Chances are whatever you start out doing you'll have to reinvent yourself as I did leaving the SEAL Teams. If you accept this and work on the process you'll be successful.

    4. Summary

    I decided to focus my blog (www.brandontylerwebb.com) on mental toughness and goal setting. If you liked this post please comment, share and sign up for my email list on my author site!

    Thanks for listening.

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