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How to shrink an ever-growing to-do list.

    1. Write it down

    When I am most overwhelmed I write down everything I have to do. Urgent, not so urgent, big, small. My favourite way of doing this is with Post-Its. One note, one to do. I will lay them out in a big space or on the wall and then organise them by priority and/or group them by project. I like GTD. (David Allen).

    2. Eisenhower Matrix

    You can apply this once you‘ve organised your Post-Its. It helps with priorities too.

    3. Plan it out

    Sometimes I use paper (Filofax) and plot out my to do list. I also like printables. I use one that has 12 squares (one for each month) for high level planning and then a monthly one.

    After I’ve done my paper plan I like to use tech. I use Twos which is proving brilliant for spinning lots of plates.

    4. Don’t date everything

    It’s tempting to date all your tasks (done that). But you’re better dating up to a week’s worth of tasks. (And tasks in the more distant future).

    5. Three tasks a day

    I call these MITs (most important tasks - not my term, can’t remember whose). Give yourself three things to do.

    6. Discipline

    You do have to make yourself do some tasks. Unfortunately there is no easy way. Eat that frog!

    7. Review

    Review your tasks once a week. See what you’ve done and what needs to be done next week. Plan your week. Do it. Rinse and repeat.

    8. Find what works

    What works for you? Find your own method.

    9. Tune into your energy

    Some days you’ll get stuff done. Other days you won’t. Cut yourself some slack on low energy days. You’ll compensate on higher energy days.

    10. Chip away at it

    Get the easy stuff off your list. Break down bigger tasks into their smallest components. Write each one down as a separate task and work through them.

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