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How to start a Podcast

Now that @JamesAltucher has talked about how to start a podcast in terms of content, let me talk about how to start a podcast from the technical point of view!

So, you have an idea about the content of your show, your podcast, and what you want to talk about. You have no idea how to start, what to buy, or what to look at. And most importantly, NO BUDGET, You only have shoestrings!

What are you going to do? Not do a podcast? Deny your own destiny? No!

Here is some advice to help you publish your podcast on a shoestring budget!


    1. Computer or recording devices ($0)

    Chances are, you already own a computer or a phone that would help with recording. It could be Mac, PC, or even Linux if you're into those things. So you're good on that front!


    2. Headphone/ Earbud ($0)

    If you own a phone, they probably come free with it! When you're first starting, it doesn't matter which one, as long as it fits in the hole, and you get sounds from it. You're all set!


    3. Recording Software ($0)

    You can get this free too!

    If you're on a Mac, especially the newer ones, they come with GarageBand installed. If you can't find it, you can download it for free.

    If you're on a PC, you can get Audacity for free! You can download it here: https://www.audacityteam.org/ It's a fairly simple easy-to-use audio recording/ editing software.

    If you think you will be doing it for a while, and are kinda serious about getting into the podcast, look into Reaper: https://www.reaper.fm/ You can use it personally for free, however, if you are using it commercially, you have to pay for it.


    4. Microphone ($60++)

    Now, this is the one that you might need to spend some money on. Yes, you can use the onboard microphone on your computer or your headphone. However, if you have an extra $60 or so laying around, I recommend getting a microphone. You can use it for podcasting, or any zoom meeting that you have. I guarantee, they will be really impressed by it.

    I recommend the Samson Q2U USB microphone: https://amzn.to/3GEbUtG

    It's the entry microphone for your podcast and your devices that doesn't break the bank!


    5. Podcast Artwork! ($0)

    Every podcast needs artwork. It could just be your face, just the title of the show, or weird random pictures/ artworks created by AI. Pick your poison!

    Anyway, here's a free service that you could use to design your artwork! I use it to design all the subseries within The James Altucher Show! It's called Canva, (https://partner.canva.com/jay) It has some amazing templates to get your artwork started!


    6. Hosting platform! ($0, But read the fine prints)

    Now you're wondering, I recorded, edited, and mastered the episode, how do I publish it to Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and everywhere else!?

    Well, you need a hosting/ publishing platform! What it does, is it uploads your episode to its server, turned it into a "feed" along with all the metadata such as descriptions, host, and more, and then spits it out to various players like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and so on.

    Some hosting platform does a better job than others, or some platform has some unique features that others don't have and might cost money.

    If you're looking for a hosting platform that's free, there's Anchor (https://anchor.fm/), a platform owned by Spotify!


    7. Podcast Website ($0)

    Alright, now you recorded your podcast, edited them, and uploaded them to Anchor or any hosting platform of your choosing, what do you do? How do you share it with your friend? You don't know what devices are they using? Do they listen to podcasts on Apple Podcasts? on Spotify? Stitcher? Overcast? Pocketcast? You have no idea!

    Fred not! You can easily build a podcast website that you can send to your friend, link it in your newsletter, post it on Twitter, and all using Podpage (https://www.podpage.com/)!

    What they do, is that they grab the feed from your hosting platform, and update their website automatically! So you could just link it to your friends, and they can choose whichever player that they want to listen to!


    8. Social Media ($0)

    Great! Now you have everything set, and you want to tell your friends about it! This is an easy one, social media, start a new handle on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Mastadon, and even Discord if you want to!

    Start promoting them, and spread the word! There! You have your own podcast, and you can show it off to the world! :)

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