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How to start enjoying what you do?

    1. Be Competent

    Aim for mastery in what you do.

    Don’t just be good on paper or theory – aim to be good at giving results.

    Happy clients help bring more clients so make your client experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    Be the #1 in your industry. You don’t just become competent overnight – you gotta show up every day and give you best shot.

    I have a friend who’s always reading for one professional exam or another yet outworks almost anyone I know in his industry.

    Go the extra mile!

    2. Change your mindset

    Whatever you do – do it with a set intention in mind.

    Instead of thinking "I have to do this," try thinking "I get to do this."

    Lots of opportunities in this age and the internet world!

    You gotta take responsibility for anything you do.

    Enjoy the moment you're in instead of always living in the past or future.

    3. Be Authentic

    First note that Authenticity does not substitute for competence.

    Acknowledge where you are in your journey and let your ideal clients and team grow with you.

    When you partner or work with a team or organization – choose people and industries you actually like.

    Enjoyable relationships can go a long way when times get tough.

    Find a community of people who share your passion, and learn from them.

    No matter how you believe in the “fake it, till you make it” idea – you gotta keep it real with your inner circle.

    4. Focus on Service

    The more you think of whom and why you want to serve – the more internal joy you get.

    Get driven by something bigger than yourself.

    Be it to impact your followers, serve your family, or live life on your own terms.

    5. Make money

    Every person you see making money all has 1 thing in common:

    They bring something of value to the marketplace.

    While we get the most joy from things we do for fun – its still possible to make a decent income from our hustles and jobs.

    It’s a win-win for everybody - If you can deliver the highest value to your clients/employers – they won’t mind rewarding you beyond your expectations.


    1. Make more offers

    2. Get your mindset right

    3. Raise your prices

    4. Take advantage of business trends and opportunities!

    6. Don't focus on Passion alone!

    Once you find something you're passionate about, pursuing it will be much easier and more enjoyable.

    But it’s a mistake to think you need to be super-passionate to enjoy what you do.

    Robert Kayoski says “he doesn’t write books, because its fun.”

    He writes books to fulfill his purpose of serving others, plus provide him better opportunities and overall sense of joy and fulfillment in life.

    7. Find meaning in what you do:

    Ask yourself how your work contributes to the greater good.

    Those that choose to abandon their values in a quest for financial rewards are the ones that feel the most empty.

    When you align your goals to your values you feel the most meaning and purpose which naturally leads to internal joy and happiness.

    Find meaning and fulfillment by aligning your actions with your values.

    8. Volunteer more often!

    Volunteering is an act of service where we’re reminded to do things not just because we want to be rewarded.

    Fact is some efforts you give in life may never be compensated enough.

    So why not take advantage of it – and do some things without the intention of mere applause.

    9. Become an everyday Learner

    Instead of trying to build your self-esteem or confidence on your Talents, past accomplishments or entitlements which don’t lead to internal joy – focus on being a learner.

    Always be upgrading yourself.

    Make a plan for what you want to achieve, and give yourself a pat on the back when you reach each goal.

    10. De-stress your life

    Stress is inevitable in what we do but we can be able to prevent burnout and unnecessary stress at work.

    Stress steals joy and love for what you do. So make an effort to:

    - Learn healthy ways of coping with stress

    - Have boundaries with your work and relationships

    - Rests when necessary – quality sleep time and taking breaks.

    - Prioritize family time and hobbies.


    Don't forget to take care of yourself mentally and physically, and keep track of your accomplishments so you can see how far you've come.

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