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How to stay in the moment

I tend to focus on the future, which is powerful in many ways, but not so much with respect to health. Future focus leads to anxiety which can take a toll on your body over the long-term. 

    1. Walk outside

    A little exposure to the outdoors with some light exercise can alter a perspective in minutes. 

    2. Check in with your body

    Whoa, why is my jaw clenched? Why is my right shoulder tight? Why does my stomach feel twisted? Open up and breathe.

    3. Take a moment and breathe

    Focus on your breathing for a few breaths before moving onto the next task. Simple, but it does help relax you.

    4. Be grateful

    Yeah, you have to talk to that client that you dreaded talking to all day. But how many people would envy your position, having a great home, means to pay for it, nice clothes, comfortable shoes, a car, etc? 

    5. You had no choice where you were born

    How blessed were you to be born and to survive into adulthood? Many people don't even get a fighting chance at this. Living life with basic necessities can be extremely challenging depending on your location. 

    6. Many people aspire to be and to have what you have

    Look how far ahead you are than most of the world. What would be your idea of a worst day might just be someone's dream day. Perspective is everything.

    7. Listen

    Try to take in everything for just a moment. There is a universe within the universe. Your coworkers' brains are firing on all cylinders. The computers are doing billions of computations of zeros and ones. People are coming into the world and going out of the world at any given moment. The drama of life is unfolding without you being conscious of it.

    8. Absorb a kind word

    Too often we can be quick to dismiss a thank you or an appreciative word. Once in a while, take it in and feel it. 

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