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How to use humor when applying for jobs or doing cold outreach

I once got a job just because I was funny on my CV and in my cover letter. The head manager was skeptical, thinking that my sense of humor didn't mean that I would be good at the job, and she was right. I sucked at it. But hey I got hired.

Nowadays, I sometimes use humor when trying to find clients because, well, my job is to be funny. But I think using humor when looking for work can be useful even when the work has nothing to do with being funny, although this may not be advisable in all industries.

Here are some quick ideas, most of which I haven't tried.

How to use humor when applying for jobs or doing cold outreach

    1. Write your cover letter in the form of an article from The Onion

    I did this when applying for a gig on Upwork and they loved it. Again, they were looking for someone funny, but this could work in other cases as well.

    2. Write a funny poem

    3. Write a fake dating profile

    4. Make a "missing person" poster

    Missing: Talented graphic designer. Experienced in (thing the company would be interested in). Answers to "Robert", "Bob", and "Get over here you idiot."

    5. Funny slideshow video

    6. Make a short TikTok-style sketch

    7. Write a letter of resignation

    If you're applying for a job: Write a letter of resignation as if you were already part of the company.

    8. Write a funny listicle

    You already know how to write an idea list. Just add some humor to it. It could be something as simple as "10 reasons to hire me" (or why not "10 reasons NOT to hire me").

    9. Write or film a fake interview of yourself

    As if you were some sort of big shot.

    10. Compose a love song about the company

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