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How to wake up

I'm tired, but I'm also heading out to celebrate my friend's graduation.  Will I manage the full night or will I be back in my bed before midnight? Who knows.

    1. Energy drink

    I usually avoid them.  I'm just not a fan, but it might help.

    2. Coffee

    I love coffee.  That should wake me up a bit 

    3. Eat

    I haven't ate much today.  Maybe some food will help give me the energy I need to get through the night.

    4. Power nap

    Sleep on the bus.  I'm at the last stop anyway.

    5. Imagine how great the night could be

    If I imagine pulling a beautiful lass, having a great laugh with friends and being part of an awesome story that I will tell everyone in the future maybe I'll find the energy I need.  Just writing this has boosted my energy a little.

    6. Music

    I could listen to some tunes to get my heart racing and ready to party.

    7. Breath

    Deeper breaths should lead to more energy.

    8. Cold

    I've been inside all day with the heating on, no wonder I'm feeling lazy.  Once I get off the bus I'm sure the cold will wake me up.

    9. Dance

    Even if this depletes my energy I'll be happier and that's always a bonus.

    10. drink less

    If I drink too much I'll end up sleeping in the club.  Gotta be safe.
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