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How to write better user stories

What can be found in this post?

This is for everyone who writes or wants to write user stories for software development teams.

A good feature implementation by a team requires a good user story. A good user story is a story that helps the team to get all the information they need without ambiguity and without drowning them in too much information.

It helps to have a good template, to understand what you need to provide and why and what is optional and what is not. With this post, I will give you that template and an explanation for each section that I suggest.

I have worked as a developer, as an information analyst, as a product owner, as a scrum master, and now as a developer again on both back-end and front-end software development teams. I have been creating user stories for almost 7 years for various companies before I went back to programming. I have read a lot about software development, but I also took a look into how special forces set up their mission statements. This template is what I believe works best for describing user stories and it's the template and its reasoning I always use.

The post consists of 9 sections (including the title and optional sections, all well explained) for your user stories and two final steps. Together making up 11 valuable steps to allow you to create better user stories.

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