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How will the war in Ukraine end? - The James Altucher Show

Brandon Webb

    1. Sensational news headlines could make the Ukraine war worse

    Change public opinion.

    Back Putin into a corner.

    2. Public invaded Ukraine because he was trying to protect his 'legacy'

    Putin wants restore Russia to USSR glory before he dies.

    3. America destabilized the Arab world

    Afghanistan and Iraq were destabilized.

    Saddam was a brutal enemy of Iran and Syria. Removing him from power left a vacuum filled by Assad and ISIS. Syria is strategic for Russia.

    Who is the United States to tell Putin what to do. With their track record in the Middle East?

    4. Putin strategy - Flatten Ukraine cities and rebuild in Russian image

    5. 3:1 invading nation ratio

    An invading nation needs 3:1 military fighters to successfully invade.

    6. The U.S. must have a dialogue with Russia in order to end the war with a 'Soft Landing'

    Look at the Cuba missile crisis.

    7. Italy gets wheat from Ukraine for their pasta

    Shortages happening in the global food supply.

    8. What is the current technology, globally integrated supply chain foreign policy?

    Our current foreign policy playbook is outdated.

    9. Recommeded U.S. political system changes:

    - More than 2 political parties

    - Vote by phone

    - Delete gerrymandering

    - Campaign finance reform. Each campaign gets a set amount of money to run their campaign.

    - Flat 8 year presidential terms

    10. The U.S. government is short sighted. 4 year elections.

    China and Russia can wait out the current US leader.

    11. China is Taiwan's largest trade partner

    12. Every side needs to lose a little bit to end the war with a 'soft landing'

    13. What might happen to Ukraine

    They will lose a little bit of territory on the Russian border.

    They will be able to join the EU.

    Will not be allowed to join NATO.

    Russia may have to pay reparations for rebuilding.

    The world will help Ukraine rebuild their country infrastructure: energy, housing, business.

    The world will supply the Ukraine military in the future. Much stronger. Russia will have to promise not to invade.

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