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I'm hoping to write some more killer jokes soon.  Usually something hits me out of nowhere then I just work away on it until it works.

I'm well aware the following will be useless, but I might have something I can work on and that's what counts.

    1. Laundry

    Sexy landeaury looks very similar to laundry to a dislexic.  I'm sure there's a good joke hidden in there.

    My girlfriend dumped me because she's dyslexic.  She wanted to spice things up in the bedroom and text me 'buy some dirty laundry for me '. So I did.  She wasn't impressed.

    2. Hate Crime

    Minority groups feel the effects of crime 10X more than majority groups.  At least that's what I think the hate crime bill is getting at.

    3. Trans-fat

    Are anorexics trans-Fat?

    4. Hanging

    They say 'pedofiles should be hung' , but surely that would just do more damage to the kid.

    5. Aliens

    A lot of Americans believe that aliens, built the pyramids, which sounds crazy, but it isn't.  Turns out it's true.  This is down to the fact - American's call all non-alericans aliens.

    6. Homeless

    I was all for the digital takeover.  At first no cash sound's insane, but once you realise that you no longer need to give the homeless change, because you have none it doesn't sound so bad.

    That's what I thought, but I told a homeless guy the other day that I didn't have cash and he pulled out a mad device and said 'dont worry I take card '

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